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Staff/MinistryServant of GodContact Information
Staff/MinistryServant of GodContact Information
Bereavement Deacon Gilbert Lopez 855-2685 
Building the Church of Tomorrow (BTCOT) Elaine Guitar 855-2685, 
Catholic Daughters Christin Wildfeuer 855-1358 
Facilities and Grounds Committee Elaine Guitar 855-2685, 
Finance Council Ken Roberg, Chairperson 855-2685 
Hand Bell Choir Mike Erlenbaugh 855-4712 
Knights of Columbus Wally Moore 854-8853 
Life Issues/Social Justice Parish Office 855-2685 
Liturgy of Music Dcn Patrick Toilolo 855-2685, 
Altar Servers Dcn Patrick Toilolo 855-2685, 
Eucharistic Ministers Dcn Patrick Toilolo 855-2685, 
Lectors Dcn Patrick Toilolo 855-2685, 
Liturgy of Music, Secretary Felis Ramirez 855-2685, 
Hospitality and Ushers Ron Janecek 680-9204 
Jovenes Para Cristo Jose Hernandez 230-1058 
Oremus Rosary Makers Kay Ochsner 680-1903 
Our Lady's Gift Shop Renee Brindis, Manager 855-6644, 
Our Lady's Soup Kitchen Roberta Watkins, Coordinator 855-2685 
Parish Office Elaine Guitar, Parish Manager 855-2685, 
Parish Office Sharon Bartlett, Administrative Assistant 855-2685, 
Parish Office Rebecca Shannahan, Parish Secretary 855-2685, 
Parish Office Joan Freer, Secretary 855-2685, 
Parish Office Kathy Pestritto, Secretary 855-2685, 
Parish Office Conny Erlenbaugh, Secretary 855-2685 
Pastoral Council Chairperson, Barbara Palmieri 855-2685 
Perpetual Adoration Kalala Toilolo, Coordinator 855-2685 
Religious Education (Jr. High, Sr. High, AOC, Returning Catholics, Adult Education, Kindergarten) Dcn Jeff Arner, Religious Education Director 855-2685, 
Religious Education Office Silvia Hernandez, Secretary 855-2685, 
Religious Education, Kindergarten Maria Warner, Teacher 855-2685, 
Religious Education, Preschool Sue Flury, Teacher 855-2685, 
Religious Education, Elementary Peggy Posey, Coordinator 855-2685, 
Spanish Choir Israel Amaro 855-2685 
Scrip Sonia Travelstead 453-1147 
Sick and Homebound Dcn Tom Coe 855-2685, 
St. Vincent de Paul Society  855-2685 
Share the Word Dcn Gilbert Lopez 855-2685 
Volunteer Coordinator Renee Brindis 855-2685, 
Web Coordinator Josefina Diaz 855-2685, 
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